Wighardt, I really want to thank you for a wonderful time & a wonderful hunt. In particular I very much appreciated being accepted into your wonderful family as one of the family. You & your family really know how to show a visitor a good time. I will forget a number of things in my life, as we all do, but I will never forget the wonderful experience I had with you.
Again, " thanks a million ". Say " hello " to your crew for me.
Good hunting,
George Roberts

George Roberts

Wighardt and I have shared many hunting experiences since 1985. Wighardt became a professional hunter in 1991 and has assisted Shi-awela Safaris with hunting from time to time since then. Wighardt is an avid hunter with hunting as a career being his life long dream. He is a skilled and dedicated hunter always having a plan up his sleeve that seems to work!
Wighardt is kind hearted and a friendly person who is observant and pays attention to detail. He is also a fun person to be with, yet takes life and his endeavors very seriously, with determination.
I, as a fellow-hunting outfitter, wish Wighardt and his wife, Saartjie and his daughter Mica - all of the best in our hunting future.

Kenneth Ball

"Wighardt and I first met while trying to get ourselves better acquainted, with studies during the late eighties. It wasn't long before we realized that nobody could teach us, what we really wanted to know.
While neither of us tried to convince the other to go, we decided independently, to enter the Big world. I joined a Family business and Wigardt a Game Farming / Hunting business. Fate kept on bringing us together, as I was struggling to keep head above water in the Big world, Wigardt supported me with odd Jobs, food and company when loneliness over took me. Once I managed to get myself up and running, Wigardt joined me for a couple of years in our Hunting business. During this time he showed spectacular ability to adapt to different personalities, and keep them amused, sometimes under difficult circumstances. At night there was never a dull moment, or lack of help from him to keep the glasses full.
During the day more and More incredible trophies would make their way to the Gallows. When mechanical problems announced it's ugly head, one person could always fix it, or make a plan. It was to our regret when he decided leave us, for his own Hunting operation, but you can not keep a good man back.
He has our full support.

Ernest Dyason